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'...recorded on September 23rd of 2022, the anniversary of John Coltrane’s birthday. John Coltrane was possibly the most influential Spiritual Jazz tenor saxist of all and a major inspiration for Paul Dunmall, as well as 1,000’s of other jazz, rock, classical musicians worldwide. Over the past decade, I’ve noticed that there are more & more string players who have the free and progressive music aesthetic like Mat Maneri, Jessica Pavone, Sarah Bernstein and now Faith Brackenbury. Mr. Dunmall and Ms. Brackenbury appear to be coming from a similar place and sound great interweaving their lines here. When Mr. Dunmall escalates into those intense Trane-like sheets, Ms. Brackenbury has no problems keeping up and bowing up a storm of her own. Mr. Brackenbury’s tone reminds me at times of Michael White, who used to play amplified violin with the Fourth Way and for Pharoah Sanders. The rhythm team are also powerful titans providing a throbbing whirlwind underneath. Ms. Brackenbury takes a long, slow inspired solo in the last section of the first piece here with Mr. Dunmall also carefully interweaving his own dreamy lines, the interaction focused and spirited. Mr. Dunmall and drummer Tony Bianco have worked together on a large number (around 20) of projects in the past and hence they sound like they have a long history. Bianco himself is an extraordinary drummer who seems to listen closely and interact instantly, trading and shadowing both frontline instruments as he and the bassist remain joined at the hip throughout. This entire disc is over an hour long and it kept at the edge of my seat throughout! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG              

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